Substance Addiction Help

Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that should concern our world leaders. They have every justification to get angry and concerned about this problem because addiction is a big hindrance to the development of their nations. Drug and alcohol addiction refers to a situation where a person becomes heavily reliant on a substance and begins to use it regularly, every day or even several times a day.

In the United States of America, the situation is getting worse every year. It is a problem that is widespread all over the country. What is more troubling about addiction is how it is affecting the young people on whom the future of the country is dependent. In 1997, there were almost 15 million people aged twelve years and over who were addicted to drugs like prescription pills, hallucinogens, crack, inhalants, cocaine and marijuana. By 2006, the estimated number had risen to almost 21 million people in the same age bracket.

Addicts may display many signs that show that they should seek treatment 800-303-4372. It is worth remembering that not all addicts will exhibit the same symptoms. They can be varied, depending on how an addict’s body reacts to the abuse of such substances.

Signs Addiction Treatment Facilities Are Needed

One of the most common signs that addiction treatment facilities are needed is ill health. Often when people use alcohol or drugs in excess, they become predisposed to many short illnesses which come and go. When this goes on for a long time, it can weaken the person’s defenses, which is a good reason why the addiction must be treated.

It is also rather common to find addicts having psychological issues. They are stressed out a lot of the time, especially when they are dealing with withdrawal from their drug of choice. They also tend to forget things. This means that unless the addiction is treated in time, it could lead to serious psychological failure.

Addicts also have a tendency to experience various emotions within short periods of time. They can for instance seem happy, then before long they become angry, then probably happy and relaxed again before becoming violent. This swing of emotions is dangerous and noticing such behavior may a good indicator that addiction treatment facilities should be kept in mind.

When someone begins showing these symptoms, the addiction is taking over and must be treated as soon as possible before the people around the addict are injured. Some addicts also tend to abandon their normal responsibilities and turn into careless people.

This is one of the worst effects of addiction as it can touch on the person’s family. In many addiction cases, addicts leave their families and retreat into seclusion. It may take months or even years before their family members see them again.

Another symptom that shows addiction treatment facilities are needed, especially for those who take excessive alcohol, is shaking. It begins to look like the body is losing its balance and the person shakes uncontrollably. When not handled by experts, these shakes could become a part of the person’s daily life and could cause them a lot of embarrassment.

At such levels of addiction, victims begin to detach themselves from society and from friends. Misappropriation of money is also a common sign that addiction treatment facilities are needed. This affects the entire family, especially if the addict is the one who is the main household provider.

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